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✅ daily 5 – 8 betting tips

✅ often live betting tips

✅ exklusive moneymanagement system

✅ WhatsApp Support 24/7

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Become a Winner!
Take advantage of our betting tips, our analytical skills and our know-how!

Messenger Betting Tips

You will receive daily selected betting tips via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

14 Years of Betting Experience

We look back on over 14 years of betting experience that has helped us optimize our system.

Video Tutorials

In our member area you can expect a lot of tutorials about various types of bets, as well as tips and tricks explained.

Daily Betting Tips

In our premium area you can expect daily selected betting tips from the most diverse sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball and much more!

Frequent Betting Challenges

With our Betting Challenges we collect the first deposit bonuses of the bookmakers. All members register with a bookmaker as a new customer and play our betting tips there.

Bankroll Management

Of course, there is a Bankroll Management for all our Betting Tips. That at each betting tip, we indicate what percentage of your capital you should bet on the respective tip.

We can attribute our consistently good hit rate and thus permanently linked profits since 2013, above all, that King of Bets and the betting recommendations is our main occupation. In January 2016, we decided that King of Bets is much more than a hobby, and since then we have been operating the sportsbook and our portal very successfully. Every day our team deals with sports bets from morning to night - for NFL, NBA and NHL, of course, we also put in regular night shifts - in order to be able to offer you the best possible betting recommendations throughout and to make you the winner!
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365 days

Betting Tips

You can expect regular single or combined betting tips from the most diverse sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis and much more. Most intensively we deal with the german Regionalliga, NHL and NBA and have there also our highest hit rate combined with high odds. For all betting tips you will receive bankroll management infos.

Included in Platinum, Gold, Silver

Live Betting Tips

We regularly organize live-session on matchdays. Over a period of several hours, you’ll get tons of live betting tips include bankroll management infos.

Included in Platinum

Video Tutorial "Basics"

In our video coaching “Fundamentals of sports betting” we teach you the most important basics to succeed in sports betting and to understand our system.

Included in Platinum, Gold

Video Tutorial "Bankroll Management"

In our Video coaching “Bankroll Management” is all about our Bankroll Management-System. We’ll tell you how high you should bet on certain bets to get the highest possible low-risk return.

Included in Platinum

Video Tutorial "Become a Pro"

The video coaching “Become a Pro” explains exactly how we create our analyzes. Both the game selection and the corresponding betting selection are explained in detail.

Included in Platinum

Analysis and Accounting Tools

You will get an overview of all analysis tools and websites that we use for betting tips selection, as well as our exclusive Excel spreadsheet, with which you will evaluate and document your betting tips, as well as an overview of all your bookmaker accounts. A complete bookkeeping is the alpha and omega for a future sports betting professional.

Included in Platinum

Ebook "The successfully Bet"

In our e-book “The successfully Bet” we explain to you briefly and crisply our strategies to basics, bankroll management and our betting selection.

Included in Platinum

WhatsApp and Facebook Support

WhatsApp and Facebook are available around the clock should you have questions about our betting tips. We also support you in bookmaker selection and registration.

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