In order to achieve long-term profits with sports betting, it is essential to place bets according to a sports betting money management system. If you start using the King of Bet’s betting tips to do sports betting professionally with Moneymanagement, you should first set your starting stake. The important thing is that you really only use your starting stake for our betting strategy and do not use it elsewhere. Also, it should not restrict your personal life if you deposit this amount with a bookmaker and will not touch it in the near future. Only invest money that you are not dependent on in the near future.

Sports Betting Moneymanagement with units
As you’ve probably already noticed, we submit a bet in units for each of our sports betting tips. The units reflect a percentage of your capital as a wager. We determine the height of the betting units based on the probability of winning the betting tip. In addition, the amount of odds plays a role in our use.

Operating height of a unit
We recommend playing a unit with two percent of your betting capital. So if you start with 500 Euro starting capital, you should bet 10 Euro per unit. Through this system, the risk of total loss is very low and almost never occurs. Accordingly, you should adapt your bets daily to our sportsbook money management system.

Furthermore, it is also important that you do not give away any fury to compensate for a loss of bets, should one day have not gone so well. Bad days are just like good days. As long as the good days go over, a profit is made, and we’ve been able to do that for over three years now – month after month. Wettberatung hat 4,82 von 5 Sternen 38 Bewertungen auf