Frequently asked questions

How many tips do you publish?

This is different, depending on our market analyzes. As a rule, we publish daily between two and five single picks and a daily combo pick. Two Maxbet picks are published every week. In addition, there are usually several Live picks for our premium+ members per day.

When will the tips be published?

Our betting predictions are always published the day before to give you enough time to place your bets. Lives picks for our premium+ members are published live, you get the live picks directly via WhatsApp or in our Android / iOS app.

What is the average rate?

Our average betting odds are currently just over 2.20.

What is the Single pick?

The single pick is a single prediction with a odd between 1.80 and 3.00. Premium and Premium+ members receive daily between two and five single picks.

What is the Combo pick?

Our Combo pick is a combination of two up to four games with a odd usually between six and 13. Our Premium+ members receive daily a Combo pick.

What is Maxbet pick?

The Maxbet pick is a betting prediction where we are very confident on the basis of our analysis that it will be successful. This is why we offer a money-back guarantee for our Maxbet pick. The Maxbet pick has a odd between 1.80 and 2.50. Our Premium members receive three to five Maxbet picks per month and our Premium+ members receive all our Maxbet picks per month (usually between eight and ten).

What are Live picks?

Live picks are tips that we give during the ongoing game. Our Live picks are reserved for our Premium+ members. Our Premium+ members get all Live picks directly by WhatsApp or in our Android / iOS app.

What is a Live picks session?

Would you like to test our Live picks without having to buy the Premium+ package? No problem. For this we offer our Live pick session. Our Live pick sessions take between four and six hours and usually take place on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays. The dates can be selected at the time of booking. During our Live pick sessions you get up to ten different, analyzed Live picks of our experts per WhatsApp.

What sports are we betting on?

Mainly our bets refer to football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis and American football.

Which bookmakers should I use?

It is recommended that you register with several bookmakers in order to get the best possible odds. We recommend Marathonbet, Bet365, and betvictor. In order to transfer money as quickly as possible between the betting companies, you also set up a Skrill account,

Is King of Bets also suitable for betting?

Of course you can also start as a beginner immediately. You will receive all the information from us to place our betting tips correctly and successfully. Furthermore, our expert team is always at your disposal in the Livechat.