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We offer you a variety of options to help you build a successful and steadily growing income with sports betting. Our most popular products are our monthly premium memberships. With our premium memberships you have either our entire betting program complete (Premium+ package) or all daily picks and selected Maxbet picks and daily combo picks depending on the package.

Our monthly membership does not extend automatically. You decide each month whether you want to use our betting tips for another month.

39,99 € / Month
3 - 5 Maxbet Picks
all Daily Picks
5 Combo Picks
79,99 € / Month
all Maxbet Picks
all Daily Picks
all Combo Picks
all Live Picks

Should you decide for a Daily Pick, Maxbet Pick or our Combo Pick, please note that we do not provide every day of these tips. After payment of your order you will receive your ordered sports betting tip by email within six hours. The match starts at the earliest 15 hours after the your payment, so that you have enough time to place your bet.

Daily Pick
3,99 € / Daily Pick
>79% success
Odd 1.80 - 2.50
Combo Pick
7,99 € / Combo Pick
>41% success
Odd 6.00 - 13.50
Maxbet Pick
11,99 € / Maxbet Pick
>91% success
Odd 1.80 - 2.20
Money back guarantee

Are you interested in football and want to do without tips from the fields of basketball, ice hockey, tennis and co? Then our match lists are the right product for you. Depending on your choice, you will receive either all football betting tips from the coming weekend or all football betting tips for the next international match day (Champions League + Europa League). The match lists will be sent to all buyers on Tuesday or Friday morning.

Match List Soccer Weekend
11,99 €
25 Single Picks
5 Combo Picks
5 Double Picks
Ø-Odd: 2.21
>77% success
Match List Soccer International
9,99 €
15 Single Picks
5 Combo Picks
5 Double Picks
Ø-Odd: 2.07
>78% success
Live Pick Session
9,99 €
6 hours Live Pick Session
25 Live Picks
Ø-Odd: 1.99
>86% success

Recently, we are now offering our six-hour Live pick sessions. On selected days, you will receive all Live picks immediately via WhatsApp for six hours. On average, you will get 25 live betting predictions with a high hit rate during a Live pick session.

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